Visiting Edinburg? Top to See

Edinburgh Castle

Situated at the top of the Royal Mile on top of Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle is the number one visitor attraction in Scotland and the most iconic building in the city.

Perched on top of an extinct volcano, the Castle and its Esplanade offers unparalleled views of Edinburgh. Once inside you can explore some of the oldest and most important buildings of the city, including St Margaret's Chapel, The National War Memorial and the Half Moon Battery. The regal Crown Square is a real highlight, where you will find the magnificent Grand Hall and Scotland's Crown Jewels - including the famous Stone of Destiny.

Edinburgh Zoo

A fantastic day out for all the family, Edinburgh Zoo is only a short bus ride from the city centre and home to over 1,000 fabulous animals, including the UK's only giant pandas. The Zoo is situated in beautiful parkland settings and includes fabulous flamingos, cute koalas and cheeky chimpanzees.

There is a jammed packed schedule of talks every day, given by expert keepers. Get there for around lunchtime and you'll catch the world famous penguin parade, when some of the King, Gentoo and Rockhopper colonies leave their enclosure and have a wee waddle around!

The Real Mary King's Close

Step down into Edinburgh’s hidden history at The Real Mary King’s Close; voted Scotland’s Best Heritage Tourism Experience.

Discover over 400 years of history and learn about the intriguing real stories of Edinburgh’s past residents. From the deadly plague epidemic, to a famous royal visitor, there’s a myriad of tales just waiting to be told. Journey through time and find out why the Close, once open to the skies and bustling with trade, came to be underground.

An experience rooted in social history, this one hour character-guided tour also includes an immersive walk-through of the city’s uniquely preserved streets and spaces; all located underneath Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile. Expect a truly unique glimpse into the city’s past.

Blair Street Underground Vaults - Mercat Tours

The only 5 Star walking tour company in Scotland, Mercat Tours thrill and entertain visitors with their tales of ghastly ghouls, hauntings and mysteries of Edinburgh of old.

They offer exclusive access to the renowned Blair Street Underground Vaults, an underground world hidden underneath the streets of the city centre, full of goulish and gory tales of the residents who lived here hundreds of years ago.

Since 1985, Mercat Tours have also operated historical tours of the Old Town which are designed to both entertain and educate. Bespoke tours are available to private groups.

Our Dynamic Earth

It starts with a bang – a big bang! Learn about the creation of our planet and travel through time as we explore Earth's past, present and future.

Get thrust back in time to the very beginnings of our universe, and witness first hand the big bang and the very first moments of our galaxy and solar system. Make your way back to the present day through volcanic explosions, landscape-forming glaciers and the evolution of our life on Earth.

Come face to face with our evolutionary ancestors and explore the diversity of our world's climates by flying through it all with their latest '4Dventure flight simulator'!

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions - where seeing is not believing!

Welcome to the oldest visitor attraction in Edinburgh, delighting visitors since 1835. Don't miss this Aladdin's cave filled with illusions, tricks, puzzles, hands-on experiences and unbelievable effects to experience and interact with.

Serve your own head up on a silver platter, visit the room where little and large become interchangable, and pick the people of Edinburgh up in your hand in the city's 150 year old Camera Obsura show.

Get involved, play, touch everything! Will you find your way out of the magical mirror maze? Will you manage to stay on your feet in the Vortex Tunnel? Great fun for all the family.